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Now, you can have tuition anywhere, anytime and for any subject! Embark on your journey in academic excellence with personalised private online tuition from Infocom Learning Solutions. Book tutors as per your subject needs and convenience on your preferred date and time. Get study help in every core subject of all school curriculums. There are specialised teachers for every subject that are available anytime to offer live tuition classes for you. ILS offers live, full-screen and interactive one-to-one online tuitions through our whiteboard application. All of this is accessible for the lowest cost available in the educational industry. You are always welcome to take a look at our session prices by clicking on pricing plans.

Your choice of tutor will be available to teach the topic you demand and as per your convenience, classes can be scheduled for morning, evening or even night! Tuition is available on your PC or Laptop! Our Virtual Classroom application works as a Full Screen Conferencing solution. It provides Digital Writing Boards, Slide Presentations and Educational study materials. All sessions are recorded and can be privately replayed by the student for future reference.


Facilitating peer-to-peer tutoring is one of our highlight features. This ensures that you have full attention from your tutors to achieve exceptional results and pursue your greatest ambitions. You also have the option to choose when you would like your session time to be and with which tutor you would like to teach you to provide the student with the ultimate learning experience.

Another part of our service includes giving you the tutors who help you in your area of learning. Therefore, we have put together a handpicked team of tutors that teach various subjects ranging from basics like Math, Science, English and HASS; to others who provide assignment help or preparation for exams/tests.

Realizing the fact that no student is the same and each and every student is unique, ILS focuses on private and personalized tutoring services offering intimate in-home tuition environment for every aspirant. As one of the world’s best online educational platforms, we are providing tuition for students of all ages groups from primary school to graduates and beyond. The virtually-live, interactive, one-to-one online tuitions are prolific, prudent and practical for students.

We make it realistic, the accomplishment of education, anywhere, any time! ILS offers study help in all core subjects of every school curriculum and also for any advanced courses on demand. As the first online tutoring platform assuring payback guarantee, we uphold 100 percent quality and excellence in our services.

At ILS, the tuitions are carried out by experienced and expert teachers for each and every subject. We guarantee a wide variety of options in tutors with a multitude of staff from all over India. Students can select the required topics and make the choice of teachers. Staff replacements can be done on request from students or their parents.

At your convenience

Parents' don't have to worry about the tiring pick up and drop off tuition schedule of children/skip tuition during extreme weather conditions. We are set with a virtual classroom application that works as a full screen conferencing solution. Students can obtain our services right from the comfort of home. The online tuition can be arranged as per the convenience of the student/parent; day time, evening or even night! Our whiteboard application facilitates the private recording of the classes and students can use it later for future reference.

Primary Features

Assignment Help

This advanced feature is intended to help students to improve their academic skills with the right guidance and support to face any type of school tests/other assignments .

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Test Prep

Tutors specially design tests based on skills learnt within a subject to support the students’ intellectual development and make sure the right practice improves their performance in their tests/exams.

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Language Support

The skill development training for the imperative RWSL: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening aptitude enhancement for children who need theoretical training.

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Additional Features

Easily affordable online tutoring delivered by our expert tutors with a choice of hourly packages.

Why Infocom?

An extra step for extraordinary grades

Infocom Learning Solutions employs the best classroom learning techniques and methods to expand the possibilities of academic growth for every student. Detailed and comprehensive explanation is given on the concerned subjects using lucid study methods and teaching. Exhaustive tests and quality assurance approach in which all possible combinations of test cases are used for testing the student’s knowledge. Practice sessions and assignment guidance also form part of the learning process.

Providing ‘A-Class’ Global Education

In today’s “global village” model,the internet has made this world a smaller place, by allowing students across geographical boundaries to connect to quality tutors with excellence in service from different parts of the world. Our exceptional array of tutors ensures that your child is exposed to the highest quality content and study materials available and offers a helping hand for them in their journey through out their course of education.

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