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ILS as the best private and personalized tutoring service, with academic experts and vast expertise in the field, is active in making the right results. Our 1:1 training, at the comfort of home, enhances students’ interests in subject matters and the timely assistance from tutors in their difficulties or learning errors helps them to excel in their academic difficulties.

All the activities at ILS are intended to make learning a simple and swift process for students’. For graduates and above, we offer tutoring with experts for any competitive exam preparation, advanced technology, specialized topics, etc. We ensure the tutors are correct in relation to the requirements expected from a parent or child. Valuing feedbacks of our clienteles always helps us to improve our services and emerge into global standards.

Spiritual Training and Education

It can be argued that all children have an inherent spirituality which should be considered to achieve a truly holistic picture of developmental needs.

For a human being, especially a child or young person, to have a full quality of life, spirituality in all its aspects must be nurtured and affirmed. For children or young people who have been marginalized or who have suffered deprivation in every way, the need for such nurture and affirmation in human spirituality is even more pronounced. Spiritual education and training is of paramount importance. We realize the importance of this and focus our energies to give the most valuable experience of concept-oriented, international-level education to all online students around the world.